We have had an amazing year 2016 with our owned and co-owned dogs.



In Sweden 

SE DK NO Nord UCh Kin-Chin Red My Beautiful Reward was no 4 of all bitches


Co-owned Antefa´s Xerox was no 2 of all males

The kennel Kin-Chin was no 4 on breeders list with only 4 competing dogs

Co-owned C.I.B SE DK FI NO Nord UCh Antefa´s Tifla was no 4 at the list for breeding bitches, also with only 4 competing dogs

In Denmark 

The 4th place was shared between:

SE NO DK Nord UCh Kin-Chin Red My Beautiful Reward 


Co-owned Antefa´s Xerox

In Croatia

SE DK UCh HR Ch Kin-Chin Red Working On A Dream, croatian Champion, and placed in the group 2 out of 4 days and shortlisted one. 


The list for Lure Coursing in Sweden

No 3 of all bitches was SE DK UCh Kin-Chin Red She´s The One

No 4 of all males was C.I.B SE DK NO Nord UCh Antefa´s Undehr


No 1 on the blood tracking list was Co-owned Antefa´s Xerox

Approved ability test in blood tracking for Kin-Chin Red You've Got It


And to all this, our bitch from Malta, Tal-Kraws Akira, have 1 CAC in Sweden, 1 CAC in Denmark and 1 CAC in Norway, only one year old.